UJIA’s vision is a strong British Jewry with a lifelong commitment to Israel, and UJIA’s role in bringing this about, our mission, is to develop informed, confident Jews who are inspired by Israel. For over 100 years UJIA has been building meaningful connections between the UK Jewish community and the people of Israel.

UJIA’s impact in the UK

In the UK we strengthen young people’s knowledge, faith and Jewish identity through a meaningful connection with their heritage.

UJIA believes that connecting to Israel means knowing and understanding more about Israel and Israelis. Our programmes impact thousands of young British Jews every year, helping ignite the spark of curiosity about Israel and ensuring that the next generation is informed and motivated to learn even more.

UJIA is focused on shaping the next generation of the Jewish community, enabling them to strengthen their understanding and commitment to their heritage with Israel at its heart.

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UJIA’s impact in Israel

UJIA’s work in Israel is focused on reducing disadvantage and inequality and increasing social mobility for the most disadvantaged communities. We support and nurture children at-risk and help lift families out of poverty through employment – ultimately strengthening Israel.

Our work provides: access to quality education for children and adults, vocational training; employment opportunities and business support for disadvantaged communities; and critical education and social services for Israel’s most vulnerable children

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