Israel is at war and needs your help now.

Israel is facing the greatest challenge in its history, with over 1,300 brutally murdered, over 3,000 wounded (hundreds of which remain in critical condition) and hundreds more either missing or kidnapped into Gaza.

By supporting this urgent UJIA/Taglit Birthright Israel campaign you can really make a difference to the lives which have been most affected by a terrorist onslaught of unprecedented monstrosity.

We are able to make sure that your money goes precisely where it needs to be, and immediately.
The focus, and it will change as other needs emerge, are:

Families whose homes are hit by rockets need funds for supplies and shelter, administered through the JAFI Victims of Terror Fund.

Children and young people in the South need urgent trauma support. Without this the immediate shock can develop into lifelong mental health issues. Organised through the Israel Trauma Coalition.

Brave lone soldiers, who have left their families to give their lives to Israel, need instant therapy after returning from the field, in their native language. These young men and women have seen in real life the horrors we have only heard about it.

Taglit Birthright Israel has a special connection to Israel’s southern communities, with almost every group spending significant time in Israel’s South. And both UJIA and Taglit Birthright Israel have always worked towards a strong sense of Jewish peoplehood, forged by mutual responsibility, accountability and solidarity, we call upon each and every one of you, our deal alumni, to join us in action now.

Taglit Birthright-Israel together with the UJIA is immediately launching the Israel at War Community Appeal. Funds raised in this Appeal will go to provide aid to the victims of these heinous terrorist attacks victims of this war and their families, focused on providing critical support to those affected in the south.

The British Jewish community has always shown its support for Israel in dark times. Once again, we ask you to show your solidarity. It is our responsibility, as part of the Jewish People, to help our Israeli brothers and sisters at this terrible time.

We can give. We can support.