In Conversation with: Michelle Rosenberg

January 9, 2020

We caught up with UJIA’s Head of Women on her day-to-day role and on why she does what she does. Tell us your personal UJIA journey: How long have you been at UJIA, how and when did you first get involved with UJIA? I joined UJIA in April 2019; passionate about women’s history and women in… Read more »

Making a Difference in Israel

December 10, 2019

By Robin Ashleigh, UJIA Head of Impact Evaluation, as he reflects on his week visiting our projects in Israel. Last week I spent some time with colleagues and partners in Israel, thinking about the impact UJIA makes, and what this means for the Israeli people and society. First, I met with the UJIA team to… Read more »

Enable change. Empower others. Execute.

November 28, 2019

In conversation with: Joel Berman, Chief Operating Officer. We caught up with our COO on all things UJIA, and on how UJIA is becoming more and more innovative and tech-oriented in its processes; all in order to deliver better education, increase participation, increase donations and make staff work efficiently and comfortably. How long have you… Read more »

Day 3 & 4: UJIA Glasgow Poland Trip

October 29, 2019

By Sydney Switzer, Scotland Youth Programmes Coordinator The end of our time in Poland went by quickly. By Friday morning we had all become quite close and we went from place to place as a cohesive group, experiencing things together. We really got into the flow of things, and began to make higher connections to the… Read more »

Day 2: UJIA Glasgow Poland Trip

October 28, 2019

by Sydney Switzer, Scotland Youth Programmes Coordinator Our morning started off heavy, with a trip to the Belzec Death Camp. Having stayed in a hotel in the town of Belzec itself, it was a mere 5 minutes to the Belzec Train Station where thousands of Polish Jews (as well as Jews from other countries) disembarked from… Read more »

Day 1: UJIA Glasgow Poland Trip

October 20, 2019

by Sydney Switzer, Scotland Youth Programmes Coordinator Today was our first day in Poland. 11 Jewish teenagers from across Scotland, who I have the pleasure of accompanying, set forth exploring the towns and Jewish remnants of Galicia, what was once the centre of the Jewish world. We started off in Lancut, where we visited a beautifully… Read more »

Reviving Female Philanthropy

October 11, 2019

by Karen Goodkind, UJIA Trustee for women’s engagement and Chair of UJIA Women and Lion of Judah UK This article has first been published in South Hampstead Shul magazine. “Throughout history many women have been activists of change, women hold families and communities together,women take action against injustice and continue to fight for equality in every… Read more »

Exit Blog: Brittany Ritell

September 6, 2019

We spoke with Brittany Ritell, UJIA Scotland Youth Programmes Coordinator, as she moves on to pastures anew!

Company Culture

July 30, 2019

By Cyndy Bloom, HR & Facilities Manager What sort of people work at UJIA? We have a very varied workforce from university leavers, people straight from working within youth movements, professionals wanting their work to be more meaningful, people juggling young families and career, ages range from 22 to 70.  UJIA attracts great loyalty, some… Read more »

Exit Blog: Eldan Kaye

July 16, 2019

We spoke with Eldan Kaye, UJIA Northern Regional Director, as he moves on to be Head of Partnerships at the Darca Schools Network. by Eldan Kaye What’s your UJIA journey? How and when did you first get involved with UJIA? August 2014, I moved to Manchester from Israel especially for the role of Regional Director…. Read more »