Mega Mifgash: UJIA and Maccabi GB bring 550 British and Israeli youth together in Galil

July 5, 2017

Two hundred Team Maccabi GB athletes have volunteered at UJIA-funded projects in northern Israel as part of a new programme by UJIA and Maccabi GB. The day before the 20th Maccabiah Games commenced, all the Juniors, aged 14-18, linked up with 350 Israeli children in the deprived Galil region to get to know them, learn… Read more »

UJIA N2S Bike Ride: Meet the Young Lads from Manchester

May 19, 2017

Bringing down the average age of the N2S bike ride by a fair amount are three young Mancunians: Daniel Rodden, Daniel Gottlieb and Harley Pattoff. All are about 27 years old. Harley and Gottlieb (known as Wendel) now live in London, leaving Daniel Rodden on his own in Manchester with his new wife. Not only… Read more »

UJIA N2S Bike Ride: Meet Chris Ducker

May 18, 2017

Like all great decisions, Chris signed up for the N2S bike ride after a night out, and many bottles of wine, with his friend James Doyan (also with us this week.) Chris, from the Lake District, was looking for a challenge to help him lose a couple pounds and get back into shape. So after… Read more »

UJIA N2S Bike Ride: Meet Sam Harvey

May 17, 2017

Meet Sam Harvey from Leeds. Before anything else is said about her, it should be noted that she is an absolute champion. Sam is the only female rider on the trip among 46 men, and she is slowly but very surely making it up every hill and down every road. She heard about the bike… Read more »

UJIA N2S Bike Ride: Meet Raymond Goldsmith

May 16, 2017

Raymond Goldsmith, born and raised in Newcastle, only started cycling for the first time 8 years ago. It all started when he did a charity ride for the Stroke Association on a hybrid bike. That Christmas he got a call from the Gateshead Council to say he had won second place, his prize – a… Read more »

Northern Sports Quiz 2015 – Gallery

December 15, 2015

Over 170 guests battled it out at the AJ Bell Stadium in Manchester to win UJIA Northern Sports Night 2015. Nesbit Law Group won the premium watches donated by two supporters. UJIA Regional Director, Eldan Kaye said “The focus of UJIA in the Galil is to help narrow the disparity with a multitude of innovative… Read more »

Meet Jess

December 15, 2015

Hi, I’m Jess Lipkin and I am taking a year out of my Marketing degree at Nottingham Trent University to spend it with the UJIA London office. My university encouraged me to find a placement opportunity in a company/business in order to gain real life experience, adapting knowledge from the classroom to put into practice… Read more »

UJIA Regional Director, Eldan Kaye, Northern Sports Quiz Speech

December 14, 2015

Good evening. I am Eldan Kaye, UJIA’s Regional Director. Although you may not hear it through my Scottish and American twang, I was born and raised in Israel. I see Israel as a modern-day miracle. We have so much to be proud of in our very short history. A history that faced so many near-death… Read more »

Tea with Maureen Lipman Gallery

December 11, 2015

Over 70 guests came to hear UJIA Director of Legacies and Planned Giving, Harvey Bratt in conversation with actress and comedienne, Maureen Lipman at St. Johns Wood Synagogue on Thursday 10th December. Speaking about her early life in Hull where her passion for performing started her journey to London, she told many stories and even… Read more »

National Super Sunday 2015 Gallery

December 7, 2015

Over 160 volunteers help secure our future in national UJIA telethon Over £135,000 raised in UJIA National Super Sunday telethon! £80,000 was raised in London, £40,353 in Manchester and Liverpool, £8,710 in Leeds and £4,600 in Glasgow. Over 160 supporters volunteered their time to make hundreds of canvassing calls at UJIA’s offices as part of… Read more »