Let’s play a fun Board Game to celebrate Israel’s birthday

We hope you have enjoyed making and playing with your UJIA/PJ Library dice and have enjoyed all the different activities that each side of the dice can take you to. Why not now enjoy a fun family board game using your dice to celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut. Each square on the board represents a different year. Roll your dice and see where it goes and who will be the first to get to 2021 and this year’s celebrations.

You can also play this game offline by printing it out here.

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Let's play


The Modern State of Israel is born
- let's start playing our game!

Playing this game is a way of celebrating Yom Ha'atzmaut - Israel's Birthday
Jump Forward to 1971

Take 3 step backwards

Can you sing a Hebrew song? share
with us and take 2 steps forward

The world's smallest subway, Haifa's Carmelit, is only 1-mile long, and was built in 1959.

Name 3 places in Israel,
or take a step back

This year was the launch of Bamba Peanut snack in Israel. Now eaten by most Israeli toddlers!

The First Israeli Nobel Prize Winner for Literature was won by Shmuel Agnon

Golda Meir become the first and
only Female Prime Minister of Israel

This year is the only time Israel got through to the Football World Cup!

Israel is the only country in the world to have more trees today than it did 50 years ago.

Hop on 1 foot 20 times,
and then take a step forward!

Israel wins the Eurovision Song Contest for the 1st time with a song called, A-Ba-Ni-Bi

Peace agreement with Egypt was signed

Move Forward to 1989

First mass airlift to rescue Ethiopian Jews. Known as Operation Moses, 8000 people were bought to safety in Israel

What's your favourite Israeli food? Tell us and take 3 steps forward.

Israel launches its first Satelite called the Ofeq - 1, on 19 September 1988

Israel's first Olympic medal was won by Yael Arad

First Tel Aviv Pride March

Peace agreement with Jordan was signed

Israel has 40 kosher McDonalds, the first which opened in 1995.

The USB was developed in Israel

In 2000, Israel developed the world's first jellyfish repelent.

Go back to space 1991

Make your funniest face, and then move to space 2014

The Hoopoe was chosen as Israel's national bird

Say five words in Hebrew and
take a step forward!

In 2013, Israel grew the world's largest green pepper, weighing half a kilo.

Find something blue and bring to the game,take 2 steps forward!

Lucy Aharish is the first Arab Israeli News Anchor on TV

Abraham Peace Accords signed

Mazel Tov - you won!

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