Microfinancing for Ethiopian-Israeli Entrepreneurs.

UJIA, in partnership with KIEDF, provides non-bank loans for small and micro-businesses run by Ethiopian-Israelis that range from a hairdresser in Tel Aviv, a Teff (Ethiopian grain) importer in Petach Tikvah to a beauty salon in Haifa and a sewage and construction serice in the Galil. For a community that is often faced with high barriers to traditional sources of financing, our micro-loans are a lifeline that help foster entrepreneurship in a key Israeli community.

KIEDF is an investment of UJIA’s Si3 impact investment fund.



Tamar immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia aged 11. She lives in Gedera and runs a business selling Ethiopian jewellery and other traditional artefacts. Through selling her wares she tells the story of Ethiopia’s Jewish community and traditions. She sells her products in her shop, www.tigist.co.il and also in markets.

Tamar turned to KIEDF for a loan just as the pandemic was starting as she needed help with her business. She turned to KIEDF, as opposed to banks, because they offer better terms and also, importantly, give support and guidance along the way. The loan helped keep her business afloat. She had invested in a lot of stock and this loan gave her the breathing space to keep her business going when the economy shut down.