Carmiel Children’s Village

The Carmiel Children’s Village in Northern Israel provides children, who are unable to live with their families, with a safe and nurturing environment to grow up in.

The Village provides a safe, calm and welcoming space to some 200 children at risk who have experienced more difficulty than any child should in their young lives. The children live in mishpachtonim (family homes) with foster parents. By providing a safe and secure refuge, the Village helps vulnerable children get back on track by focusing on their potential and providing a warm and supportive home life.

While the basic operations and therapeutic treatments at the village are largely covered by the Government of Israel, UJIA supports the enrichment, education and leisure programmes, which are critical to the children’s development.

One of the main goals of the Carmiel Children’s Village is to instil a sense of belief and self-confidence in every child.



I’m Dennis and I live with the Barda family at Carmiel Children’s Village. In our house, there are 15 other people. I spend most of the day in school with my friends, in the afternoon there are activities, tutoring classes and therapy sessions.

I came to the village aged 8 because my family had financial problems. When I got here, I was two years behind at school due to my learning difficulties.  Thanks to the tutoring that the Village provides me with I have closed my learning gap and I am now succeeding in school. The Village cares for all my needs from doctor appointments to giving me the chance to take part in after school activities as well as continuing to help me with my school work.

I’m very glad I came here, I know if I was not here I would not have everything I have now and I really appreciate it.

I am really grateful to my foster parents at the Village, they give me a lot: hot delicious food, help with homework and so much more.