UJIA’s work in Israel strives to close the socio-economic gaps affecting disadvantaged Israelis.

Through our work with NGOs and social enterprises in the Galil and across the country, we are levelling the playing field for those most in need by providing access to education, vocational training and employment opportunities as well as welfare services and critical support for Israel’s most vulnerable children.  

A key part of UJIA’s work is creating experiential encounters between British Jewry and the diverse communities that make up Israeli society.  

UJIA offers authentic engagement opportunities that include off-the-beaten-track cultural exchanges based on mutuality and respect that leave a lasting impact on the people that take part. 

For more information, please contact Emily Pater.

Connecting to UJIA’s Partners in Israel 
Connecting to UJIA’s Partners in Israel 

Some examples include:   

  • Up to a half-day experience that includes hands-on activities and volunteering with beneficiaries of UJIA support that can include social activists and change-makers, youth entrepreneurs and Israelis of all ages who we are helping to overcome the barriers they face.
  • An in-depth dive into diverse communities in Israel – meet with Ethiopian-Israelis, Haredi and Druze, learn how UJIA is helping their communities combat the struggles they face. Visits can vary from half-day to multi-day experiences. 
  • Personalised immersive experiences curated to meet the specific needs of the visitor(s). Activities can include educational, volunteering and interactive activities, as well as unique tours and culinary experiences (on request).