Dream Team – Equalizer

July 3, 2015 | Watch UJIA

Jewish? Arab? Footballers.

Meet the Dream Team: Eli is Jewish and lives in Akko, the port city in the Galil, in the north of Israel. Bijou (Mohammed) is Arab, and lives 5 miles to the east, in the village of Jadeidi-Makr.

Just a few miles, but a world apart, their communities rarely have much to do with each other. But now, Eli and Bijou play football together.

They are part of a programme called Equalizer, which works across Israel with children from deprived neighbourhoods from all of Israel’s communities. Watch the film to see how Eli and Bijou are getting on.

Equalizer combines football training with extra academic support to give these disadvantaged children a much better chance in life. They also learn the values of tolerance and mutual respect, both on and off the pitch.

UJIA is a key supporter of the programme, together with partners including the Israel Ministry of Education and the British Embassy in Israel. We’ve opened up 15 leagues in Western Galil for 225 kids so far.

Equalizer kids meet the Wales national team in Haifa. March 2015

Equalizer kids meet the Wales national team in Haifa. March 2015

We know that education is the key to individual opportunity, economic success and social cohesion in the region and Israel as a whole. That’s why we’re working across the Galil on projects which have transformed tens of thousands of lives.

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