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Educational Resources and Approaches to Israel Education

As you explore more broadly about educating and discussing Israel, Zionism and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict we recommend and highlight the following key, general resources:

UJS Digital Israel Portal: The Union of Jewish Students D.I.P is your one-stop for everything you need to know about Israel. UJIA is pleased to support UJS in bringing you resources from around the globe. Whether it is Politics or Tourism, Culture or History, or simply learning more about this small nation, DIP in and explore this entire country at your fingertips.

Centre for Israel Education, An incredible collection of resources, materials, lesson plans, bibliographies, reading lists, documents and sources.

The iCenter for Israel Education, Lots of good resources and in particular, a very robust approach to Israel Education found here:

MAKOM (Jewish Agency for Israel):

Deepen your engagement with your students with premium videos and educational resources about Israel and Judaism. 

Recommended Resources from MAKOM

Essential Podcasts about Israel for 2021,

Podcasts are one of the best ways to connect to the stories, ideas, and people that animate modern Israel. No matter your political persuasion or interest, there will always be one that speaks to you. 

Exploring Jerusalem,

Against the backdrop of rising tensions in Jerusalem, we’ve put together educator guides to two short Israeli movies – Dear God and Nur. Each film presents a different perspective on Jerusalem and inspires us to think about the city in new ways.