In response to the ongoing rocket attacks and unrest in Israel, UJIA has launched an emergency appeal to support those in immediate need.

Ashkelon, a city the UK Jewish community has a long-standing relationship with through the work of UJIA, is seeing the most rocket attacks in over 10 years. However they lack the resources to deal with the deluge.

Schools and kindergartens have been cancelled. Kids are stuck at home, running between their bedrooms and bomb shelters, not knowing when the next siren will blast. To support them, we are providing an activity kit of 12 games for the city’s children to help them pass the time whilst they stay safe in the shelters.

Additionally, the municipality does not even have enough protective clothing for their employees who are going out to help people in the neighbourhoods that have been hit. They desperately need to purchase body armour sets, protective vests and helmets for the workers who are very much on the front line, supporting those who have come under direct fire.

Of course, the impact of the ongoing situation will be felt for some time to come and with that comes the need for extensive trauma relief and therapy. UJIA is working with our colleagues in Sderot and other border communities to ensure that those who have been most affected are supported immediately.

Finally, we are in the process of working with partners in Israel to ensure that the invaluable work that has been undertaken over the past decades to create a shared society in so many of Israel’s towns and cities, does not go to waste. This will be a longer and in many ways harder project, but one we cannot ignore.

We hope that you can support our appeal for Israel’s children at this time. Your donation will have an immediate and ongoing impact on those who are currently under attack. Thank you.