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Event start: 2pm UK/ 4pm Israel

On this personal perspective tour, we join StandWithUs Israel Fellowship director, Yoni Shaked, on a tour of Netiv HaAsara. Situated a mere 400 meters from Hamas-controlled Beit Lahiya, Netiv HaAsara holds the distinct honour of being the Israeli community closest to the Gaza Strip. Born and bred in this pastoral agricultural moshav, Yoni offers an authentic local perspective on life in this volatile region. Together we will explore the beauty of Moshav life, current threats, the inspiration found in living in the Gaza Envelope, and more.

Meet your tour guide… Yoni Shaked 

Yoni Shaked is the Director of Israeli Student Programs at StandWithUs Israel. While in the IDF, Yoni served as a content development coordinator in the Information & Communications Technology forces. Yoni grew up (and still lives) in “Netiv Ha’asara, ” which is located 100 meters from the Gaza Strip border. Yoni conducts tours and lectures with a focus on the social, security and economic aspects of living in the Gaza envelope. Yoni is a qualified lawyer, and is currently working on her thesis as part of her Master’s degree in Government specializing in Political Marketing, at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.

Wednesday 16th June 2021
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm