Noam Tour

Noam Israel Tour is structured to give you a chance to visit Israel without feeling like a tourist. Tour is divided into four distinct parts, each telling it’s own story whilst building on the last. Rather than hopping from place to place, Noam Israel Tour gives you the opportunity to build a connection to the region you’re staying in whilst actively learning, seeing, and engaging with what goes on around you.

Noam strive to create a better world by bringing together young like-minded people who share the same values and are proud to have a vibrant ideology which is shaped by the people we care about most, their members!

Noam aim to strengthen community bonds and be part of something that is bigger than ourselves. Join us for a social Jewish experience like no other!

Noam will take you from the south, where you will hike through the most beautiful scenery of the land of Israel! To the Centre, a bustling melting pot of all the peoples of Israel. From there you will travel to the North to play your part in a local community. Before finishing in Jerusalem, exploring the regions of Israel. Noam Israel Tour will leave you with a vision of what the future of Israel will look like and how you can be a part of it.

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