UJIA firmly believes that every British Jew should have the opportunity to spend time in Israel on immersive, meaningful educational programmes.

For decades, UJIA has been the portal for a wide range of Israel Experience programmes, and we are proud to be the central address for experiencing Israel for young British Jews and their families. 

We currently have five ways that you can experience Israel with us: 

Israel Tour – a rite of passage for 16 year olds for decades 

Birthright Israel – a free, ten-day trip for 18-32 year olds 

Onward Israel – a summer in Israel, interning by day and with the freedom to explore by night, for students 

Masa long-term Programmes in Israel – pre and post University, medium and long-term programmes in Israel , over 350 to choose from! 

Connecting to UJIA in Israel – see for yourself the work that we do, experience Israel and meet Israelis who are far from the “tourist trail” 

We at UJIA have focused our work on the Galil for the last 15 years. If we are to bring opportunity to the region, if we are to challenge the levels of deprivation, we believe that everything starts with education. We work with partners in the Israeli Government, and other Diaspora communities, so that every pound works at its hardest and our projects have the biggest impact they can.

Tens of thousands of lives have been transformed by these initiatives. These young people are productive, successful and contributing not only to their own well-being, but to the economic development of the Galil and Israel’s economy.

We are living at a very special moment in Jewish history. We have the privilege of helping to support the people of Israel.

We can be passive participants in the Jewish story, or we can make a difference – we can make our mark.

Experiencing Israel

In Numbers


Programmes in Israel to choose from


Days free trip for 19-32 year olds


Of lives have been transformed by these initiatives