UJIA’s work in Israel is focused on reducing disadvantage and inequality and increasing social mobility for communities most in need. We support and nurture children at-risk and help lift families out of poverty, ultimately strengthening Israel.

After 73 years, Israel is now considered a prosperous country, but a growing inequality gap is now at critical point. UJIA has been the British Jewish community’s Israel partner for 100 years and we ensure your donations are invested where they are needed most. By supporting UJIA, you can change the course of a person’s life, help them overcome the disadvantage they face and give them a brighter future. With your help, UJIA can empower some of Israel’s most vulnerable, while at the same time, create a stronger Israel.

Your support of our work in Israel will provide:

  • Access to quality education for children and adults
  • Vocational training, employment opportunities and business support for people from disadvantaged communities
  • Critical social services for Israel’s most vulnerable children


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Giving to Israel