Israelis consume more ice cream per capita than almost any other people on Earth. And with an ice cream market as unique and developed as Israel’s, it’s not hard to see why. Check out our guide to the nation’s best independent parlours and national and international brands.

Arte, Tel Aviv

With unique flavours (Olive Oil, anyone?) a huge range of vegan options and a great location on Nachlat Binyamin, it’s easy to see why this boutique is popular with locals and tourists alike.
Buza, Galil

An Arab-Israeli joint venture from the Galil. Co-founder Adam Ziv trained at some of the greatest ice cream parlours in the world, but he chose northern Israel to set up his own site. Hear from the man himself here.
Dr Lek, Akko and Jaffa

Dr Lek used to be a dentist, but in 1987 he left his practice so that he could make a difference in the world – by making ice cream. Now known as “the original crazy flavour pioneer.”
Mousseline Jerusalem

French by name, French by flavour and French by tradition. Mousseline’s four sites across Jerusalem are as high end as it gets in Israel.
Victory, Bat Yam

Targeted in the May riots, Victory were back up and serving their scoops, waffles and more in no time. Why not take the short bus ride south for Victory’s ice cream as well as beaches even more expansive
Yotvata, Arava

The desert kibbutz that hit the big time. If you’re driving to Eilat, Yotvata is the ultimate dairy oasis you didn’t know you needed.

And the brands that went global…

Anita, across Israel and around the world

The ‘Start Up Nation’ isn’t just about high tech. 23 years ago Anita Avital and her son Nir started making ice cream. Now their 150+ recipes are on sale in six countries, including the US and Australia. A true Israeli entrepreneurial success story. 

It’s everywhere because it’s excellent. A true staple.