In Conversation with: Michelle Rosenberg

January 9, 2020 | Uncategorized

We caught up with UJIA’s Head of Women on her day-to-day role and on why she does what she does.

Tell us your personal UJIA journey: How long have you been at UJIA, how and when did you first get involved with UJIA?

I joined UJIA in April 2019; passionate about women’s history and women in the community, it was a case of right job, right time. It’s a hugely exciting opportunity.

Describe your role, what do you do?

I’m here to create new strands for Jewish women’s engagement, education, philanthropy and fundraising. I want to create a real feeling of community within UJIA – for Jewish women across all ages, to feel they are making a genuine difference to our projects in the UK and Israel. In day-to-day reality, I work four days a week (part time job, full-time Mum) alongside our incredible education and fundraising teams across London, Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow.

What, specifically, would be some things that you’d like to achieve this year as Head of Women?

Top of my list is re-invigorating the concept of women’s philanthropy; UJIA Women offers the opportunity to engage with and support some incredible projects – across all levels of giving. I want UJIA Women to be the flagship community for Jewish women across the board – across all generations and backgrounds. I’m also excited to be working in collaboration with some of the most incredible Jewish organisations in the UK, from WIZO and ORT to the Jewish Museum.

Talk to us about some of the initiatives UJIA Women has coming up in 2020…

Firstly, there’s our digital partnership with WIZO to raise funds for our Al Sanabel project and their Warm Homes project, which provides counselling and social assistance to young women suffering emotional neglect and living in vulnerable situations.⁠ By texting ‘JOIN’ to 70577, you’re donating £10 and making a real difference.

On International Women’s Day, we are running (or walking) a women’s trek in the Peak District, with 10km and 20km routes, as well as an optional abseil. It’s bringing people together in support of UJIA and its Al Sanabel catering social enterprise in the Negev, making nutritious, healthy school meals for around 3,000 disadvantaged school children who live below the poverty line – often it’s their only daily opportunity to have a hot meal. You can sign up here:

And in May, UJIA Women are running our 15th Mission Possible – it’s a five day immersive trip to Israel (Sunday May 3rd–Thursday May 7th). This year’s theme is entrepreneurship and tech, so it’s an incredible opportunity to engaging with the women at UJIA’s tech focused projects as well as some unique meet and greets, lectures and culinary experiences.

There’s huge amounts of events and initiatives in the offing – so keep an eye on

Share any thought you’d like, more advice or anything you want to close with.

I’m passionate about making a difference – no matter how big or small – and encouraging Jewish women in our communities to do the same. Stand up and be counted.