UJIA Israel Experience 2023 FAQs – TO BE UPDATED

What is Israel Tour?

Israel Tour is a transformative 2–4-week experience in Israel, for Year 11’s (S4 in Scotland) and Year 12’s (S5 in Scotland), travelling the country with new friends and old. Participants will connect to Israel and to their Jewish identity while visiting all the key sites and hidden gems that Israel has to offer.

What is UJIA Israel Experience?

UJIA Israel Experience is organised by the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) and supported by the United Jewish Israel Appeal (UJIA) and facilitates Israel Tour as a service to Youth Movement/Organisations, Synagogues, Student Organisations and other communal organisations incorporating an experience of Israel into educational activities. UJIA Israel Experience processes application data on behalf of the Youth Movements/Organisations. All applicants are eligible to apply for a means-tested UJIA Bursary for financial assistance to help cover the costs of the programme.

When is Israel Tour?

Please check with the Youth Movements/Organisations for specific dates. Israel Tours will run from Tuesday 5th July to Tuesday 30th August 2022.

Which Youth Movement/Organisation should I choose?

Each Youth Movement/Organisation offers something different and provides a different experience. Please contact the Youth Movements/Organisations directly to find out more. You can also go to https://ujia.org/israeltour22/ where you can click through to all the different Youth Movements/Organisations.

How much does Israel Tour cost?

The cost of Israel Tour varies between Youth Movements/Organisations due to various factors including the length of the trip. Almost all tours will be more expensive than previous years due to inflation and the additional costs of running the programme during a pandemic. Each Youth Movement/Organisation will have their own brochure or website containing the trip itinerary, cost and payment terms. A deposit will need to be paid during the initial signup process. It is important to note that this initial signup form will not serve the purpose of booking an applicant’s place on Israel Tour this summer. Information provided in this initial signup form and all subsequent forms, will enable UJIA Israel Experience and our Youth Movement/Organisation partners to process applications.

Is financial assistance available to assist with the cost of Israel Tour?

Yes, UJIA has a bursary fund and has supported thousands of young people who cannot afford the full cost of Israel Tour. Information about this will be available through the Youth Movements/Organisations when you complete your application forms.

What are the key dates I should be aware of when applying for Israel Tour?

Applications for Israel Tour open at 10am on 1st March 2022 and close on 24th March 2022. Some Youth Movements/Organisations have limited spaces available so complete your forms early to avoid disappointment. If you are not offered a place, you may be put onto a waiting list or UJIA Israel Experience may be able to support you to get a place with a different Youth Movement/Organisation.

When will I need to pay?

The deposit is due when you sign up, which can be no later than Monday 14th March 2022 and full payment is due by Friday 29th April 2022. Unfortunately, due to the difficulty of organising Israel Tour this year, payments must have cleared by these dates and no later otherwise the place on Israel Tour for the participant will be compromised. 

Can those who missed out on Israel Tour in 2020 or 2021 apply for Israel Tour this year?

Some Youth Movements/Organisations are offering experiences for those who missed out in 2021.  Current Year 13 students who were due to go on Israel Tour in 2020 are eligible to participate in a Birthright trip this summer – this programme is not normally available for this age group, but the age limit has been temporarily lowered for those who missed Israel Tour 2 years ago. There are also many different options for going to Israel on a gap year with subsidies available from UJIA and from the age of 19, young people are eligible for Onward Israel, a two-month summer programme. For more information on all of these options please go to https://ujia.org/experiencing-israel/

What are the cancellation terms of Israel Tour for non-Covid reasons?

An applicant who cancels a place prior to the 28th March 2022 will be entitled to a refund less an administration fee. Details of the administration fee can be found in the full Terms and Conditions.

Any applicant who cancels after the 28th March 2022 will be entitled to a refund or liable for an outstanding balance according to the following schedule:

61 days or longer prior to departure date: 100% of amount paid (or payable) less deposit and the Administration Fee;

From 31-60 days prior to departure date: 50% of amount paid (or payable) less deposit and the Administration Fee;

From 15-30 days prior to departure date: 20% of amount paid (or payable) less deposit and the Administration Fee;

From 1-14 days prior to departure date: 0% of amount paid (or payable).

Some reasons for cancellation may be covered through insurance. Please contact the Youth Movement/Organisation for details of their insurance policies.

Can an Israel Tour participant fly to / home from Israel independently of their Israel Tour group?

The participant will need to fly out and come home with their Israel Tour group unless they have been required to isolate or in the case of an exceptional circumstance.

Israel Tour Covid Information Last Updated: 26th February 2022

Will I get my deposit back if Israel Tour is cancelled?

You will be entitled to a refund of your deposit less the administration fee if you cancel before Monday 28th March 2022.

If Israel Tour is cancelled after 28th March 2022 due to changed travel regulations (UK or Israel) including vaccination requirements, then we will work to achieve as high a refund as possible based on our contracts. We will only provide a refund for the maximum amount we can recoup less a Covid Cancellation Administration Fee, which is outlined in the Terms and Conditions of your Youth Movement/Organisation Israel Tour.

Within the Terms and Conditions you receive, it will be made clear what is refundable and under what circumstances.

What happens if a participant gets Covid just before Israel Tour?

If a participant tests positive before their Israel Tour departure date, we would hope they would be able to join Tour later once they have met the requirements in line with the regulations at the time. Participants who subsequently test negative or complete any required isolation periods will be able to join their Israel Tour programme at a later date at the discretion of the Youth Movement/Organisation and at their own cost, although it may be possible to make a claim via the Youth Movement’s/Organisation’s or your own insurance policy. Please contact your Youth Movement/Organisation for further details. If a participant does have to cancel their place for reasons stipulated in the cancellation insurance we have secured, then a refund will be provided, less administration fees. Full details are available in the Terms and Conditions of your Youth Movement/Organisation Israel Tour.

What happens if a participant gets Covid while on Israel Tour?

Currently anyone testing positive for Covid-19 in Israel needs to self-isolate for a minimum of 5 days. While the participant cannot be in physical contact with other people during this period, the Organisers of Israel Tour will ensure that there is a minimum of two leaders (Madrichim) on call 24/7 and there will be access to an assigned medical professional. In cases where we deem it necessary on welfare grounds (physical or mental), we may ask for a formal commitment that a parent or guardian will join the participant during the isolation period before agreeing that they can participate in the programme. If a participant contracts Covid during Israel Tour, we will make every effort that they can re-join the programme as soon as regulations allow. If their isolation period extends beyond the final date of Israel Tour, UJIA Israel Experience and the tour providers will ensure they are placed on the first available flight out after their isolation period ends and will provide the same level of support throughout the isolation period. 

Do I need to take out my own insurance for Israel Tour?

As part of the cost of Israel Tour, travel and medical insurance is included. Policy details are available from your Youth Movement/Organisation on request. Cancellation and curtailment insurance relating to Covid is limited therefore if you would like to secure additional cover over and above the cover that has been secured and is included within your Israel Tour package, you are entitled to action this independently. Some pre-existing health conditions are not included, so you should ask the Youth Movement/Organisation for a copy of their insurance policy to confirm whether the condition is included.

Will participants who are not vaccinated or partially vaccinated be allowed entry to Israel?

As of 1st March 2022, non-Israeli citizens from the UK will be allowed to travel to Israel regardless of their vaccination status. However, in anticipation that Covid regulations may change again before the summer, we strongly encourage all applicants to follow the advice of the UK government regarding vaccinations and to ensure that vaccinations and recovery are properly documented. The latest information on Entry of Non-Israeli Citizens to Israel by Air can be found here: https://corona.health.gov.il/en/abroad/arriving-foreign-nationals