Since the results of the Israeli election on 1st November, we at UJIA have been compiling a selection of resources and articles to help unpack what the incoming government could mean for Israel’s society, and its place in the Jewish and wider world. With today’s formation of the new government of Israel and its ministers, we are taking this opportunity to share various sources, which reflect on some important educational themes. UJIA does not take a political position, and as such we have selected a range of sources reflecting different views. We encourage our community to take in multiple perspectives, in order to be more informed on current events in Israel, and to enable critical engagement with different ideas and narratives.

This explainer from the iCenter outlines the Israeli political system, along with commentary taking us up to the latest election on 1st November.

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This analysis by polling experts Simon Davies and Joshua Hantman examines how the right wing bloc led by Benjamin Netanyahu secured a victory against the backdrop of a polarised electorate.

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This article sets out what the new coalition looks like and contextualises it within the last few years of Israeli politics.

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This article by Anshel Pfeffer delves into what the results could mean, not for Israeli democracy but for Jewish Identity in Israel.

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This podcast from the Shalom Hartmann Institute discusses the future of liberalism in Israel.

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This article by Rabbi Todd Berman offers an interpretation of what it means to be a Religious Zionist.

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This article from the Jerusalem Post, includes the views of 2 experts on the Israeli-Arab population.

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This piece from Haaretz examines what the election result could mean for Israel’s LGBTQ+ community.

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This article by Rabbi Uri Pilichowski focuses on Israel-Diaspora relations following the election result.

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This oped from UJIA Chairman Louise Jacobs challenges us to look at what Israel really needs from us.

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At UJIA, we remain deeply committed to Israel Education, including engagement with multiple narratives and facilitation of cross communal dialogue within the UK Jewish community.