Israel today is resilient and prosperous; however, many Israelis sadly do not share in its prosperity. Residents of Israel’s social and geographic periphery, traditionally marginalised communities and those from otherwise troubled backgrounds, experience inequality that impedes their personal life chances as well as the country’s capacity to flourish.

Without UJIA’s intervention, the gaps in Israel’s society, between those that have and those that do not, are only going to widen. These issues have become increasingly apparent – and urgent – with the exacerbation of inequalities caused by the COVID-19 crisis.

UJIA invests in support for young Israelis living in the social and geographical peripheries, where there are fewer high-quality educational and developmental opportunities, resulting in reduced life chances. Additionally, through our initiatives, Israelis from minorities and disadvantaged communities – on whom the Israeli economy’s long-term success depends – are able to find a way into satisfying employment, greater integration and eroding divisions within Israeli society.

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