UJIA is committed to doing all it can to ensure that Israel is a place that all its citizens can call home. Nowhere is this more pronounced than at the Carmiel Children’s Village in northern Israel.

Carmiel Children’s Village is a home to over 300 children and teenagers who have been rescued from lives of poverty and abuse and given a new start and a new life. These children have nowhere
else to go. Their only alternative is a state care facility.

By supporting UJIA’s work, you will help us offer opportunities for disadvantaged members of Israeli communities that will boost their life skills and social mobility, enabling them to build a sustainable career that allows them to provide for themselves and their future families.

To support the work of UJIA in Israel this Kol Nidre and be part of building a society where every child, teenager and young adult has equal access to the life opportunities ahead of them, please complete the form below.