Israel holds a central part in our lives. We have a responsibility to those who built the State to continue to support and strengthen it in the future.

By leaving a legacy gift through UJIA each of us can honour the generations of the past and create a lasting imprint for those of the future.

Every day UJIA is making a difference to the lives of young people. Both here in the UK and in Israel. This is made possible by the generosity of our many supporters who want the causes that are important to them in their lifetime to benefit all over again through a legacy.

By leaving a legacy in your will, you are not only reaffirming the value of charity – tzedakah – that you have actioned throughout your life, you are going one step further. You are making these acts of kindness part of your eternal memory.

To discuss how you can live twice by remembering UJIA in your will, call Harvey Bratt on 020 7424 6416 or email

Download our legacy booklet here.

You only live twice with a UJIA Legacy Gift