Meet Jess

December 15, 2015 | Blog

download (2) Hi, I’m Jess Lipkin and I am taking a year out of my Marketing degree at Nottingham Trent University to spend it with the UJIA London office. My university encouraged me to find a placement opportunity in a company/business in order to gain real life experience, adapting knowledge from the classroom to put into practice in ‘the real world’. So why UJIA? I have always been involved in the Jewish community and loved taking part in charity events with my Shul and my Youth Movement (BBYO). I also had a fantastic time going on Israel Tour with BBYO, and then moving to university and staying involved with Jewish activities within the student community, I wanted to find something within the Jewish charity industry, and having submitted my CV, I had an interview and a few weeks later, was offered the role of Social Media Intern at UJIA! I have a real interest in Marketing and seeing how companies (and charities) sell their USP (Unique Selling Point) to their audiences. When I began my Internship at UJIA in the summer, my only experience with social media was with my own personal accounts, although during my second year at uni, I had studied different ways that social media could be used to reach target audiences. Although I felt excited by the challenge, I was also nervous have so much responsibility over UJIA social media accounts. Now I feel ready and that it is time to put my knowledge and experience to the test! Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook Follow us on Instagram