Teach English in Israel, and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn.

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows is a 10-month fellowship for college graduates who want to make a difference.

Contribute to the future success of Israeli children by giving them the essential basis of native spoken English.  Teach English while immersing yourself in Israeli society and become an integral member of the city in which you live, teach and volunteer.

MITF is a partnership between Masa Israel Journey and the Ministry of Education.  Masa Israel offers a uniquely transformative experience; we believe that Israel is the perfect platform for young adults who are eager to explore, experience, and develop skills for a lifetime of achievement.

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows attracts dedicated, passionate individuals who are looking for a job opportunity that lets them come to Israel and make a real difference.

No Hebrew? No problem! If you are nervous about not knowing the Hebrew language, we find that it is more beneficial for the students to learn from you and with you as they teach you their favoUrite phrases in their language.

Sunday Brunch with MITF

UJIA and UJS will be hosting ‘Masa Israel Teaching Fellows for brunch’

Sunday 7th February


Come and hear from organisers of the programme and from those that are currently enjoying MITF.