UJIA N2S Bike Ride: Meet Raymond Goldsmith

May 16, 2017 | Blog

Raymond Goldsmith, born and raised in Newcastle, only started cycling for the first time 8 years ago.

It all started when he did a charity ride for the Stroke Association on a hybrid bike. That Christmas he got a call from the Gateshead Council to say he had won second place, his prize – a road bike. He jumped on and never got off.

Although Raymond has been riding consistently since that fateful prize – he has never done a multiday ride such as the N2S. However we have no doubt that he is going to make it. Raymond fell off his bike at mile 8 of a 60 mile race last August, got back up and completed the route. Afterwards it was discovered that he had broken his elbow, earning himself 6 pins and the well-deserved title “crazy Ray” from the nurses. His wife and best friend still think he is a little insane for doing this race (we aren’t sure if we disagree…)

Raymond’s first day was a challenge, as it was for all the riders, battling the intense Israeli heat, trying to avoid dehydration and sunburn. The course took them from the very north, at Kibbutz Kfar Gilady, to another Kibbutz – Nir David, in Israel’s North East. Riding strong for Peloton C in the coming days, we look forward to watching Raymond’s performance over the next few days.

This is Raymond’s first involvement in a UJIA activity of the like, although he has come across UJIA throughout his life in Newcastle. He heard about the ride through Rabbi Dovid Lewis (also riding strong), who used to be the Rabbi in Newcastle. Excited about the idea of the challenge, Raymond was happy to get involved, despite not knowing anyone besides the Rabbi in the group.

At 66 years young, Raymond is among the eldest of the riders, but young in his spirit and energy. UJIA is proud to have Crazy Ray amongst its ranks of riders, representing the far north of Newcastle.

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UJIA have organised the North to South bike ride in conjunction with A Smile for Orly Charitable Trust.