North-East dinner success

October 21, 2015

Leeds community raised £249,000 to secure our future.


Over 215 guests gathered at the The Queens Hotel in Leeds this week for the UJIA North-East annual dinner. Communal leaders and supporters convened against the backdrop of UJIA’s new campaign, “Securing our Future” and the incredible £249,000 raised will go towards our projects and programmes in Israel and the UK.

Chief Executive Michael Wegier introduced the moving appeal video which showcased the charity’s vital work. It highlighted the story of Moriah Ben Haim from the deprived town of Hatzor Glilit. Moriah is from a single parent, 6 sibling family, with no history of higher education but because of a UJIA funded bursary, she is breaking the mould and studying for a degree in Behavioural Sciences at Tel-Hai College.

She said, “My family, especially my mother, my grandparents, they never studied, they emigrated from a very poor country” and added that the financial aid “opens the doors to education”.


The film also featured Leo Brosh, from Leeds, who went on a UJIA-supported Gap Year to Israel with FZY in 2014 and has since been volunteering with three communal organisations. Speaking from his youth movement summer camp, which he staffed, he said, “We have such great kids in our community that if we can develop them and give them experiences and opportunities to understand their Judaism and develop their connection to Israel, they can become the future leaders of our community.”


Leeds UJIA Chair Martin Harris appealed for support from guests to further UJIA’s work to secure our future.

North East Regional Director Howard Foreman said, “It’s more important than ever to support the people of Israel and to ensure continuity here in the UK. I’m really proud of what we achieved last night and I know it’s going to make a real difference both in Israel and the UK.”

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