North East Annual Community Dinner 2015 – The Gallery

January 19, 2015 | See UJIA

240 people gathered for the biggest UJIA North East Annual Dinner in 10 years. The event at the Queen’s Hotel in Leeds raised £215,000 for projects and programmes in Israel and the UK. In addition to supporters from across the community, guests included members of the Leeds Representative Council, youth movements, Leeds J-Soc, as well as The Zone, Brodetsky School, Makor and the community Shaliach Or Nechustan. Martin Harris, UJIA Leeds Chairman, told guests how UJIA is committed to “invest in programmes that will raise the level of knowledge, resilience and self-confidence amongst generations of young Jews, and equip them with the skills and tools they need to assert their identity and support for Israel at school, university and in life.” He hailed UJIA programmes in Jewish schools in Leeds, and in particular, the twinning of Brodetsky School with Hemed Primary School in Merom HaGalil, northern Israel, where UJIA is focused on transforming educational opportunities for thousands of children. He also described UJIA’s support for the people of Israel as ‘unconditional and unstinting’.