Opening Doors – Bursaries

April 28, 2015 | Watch UJIA

Unlock opportunity for Israel’s next generation with an educational bursary.

In the Galil, in northern Israel, 45% of children live below the poverty line. It’s a cycle of poverty that passes from generation to generation.

And the only thing that breaks that cycle is education.

In the video, you can see how Moriah Ben Haim’s is breaking free from generations of poverty in her family.

Education opens doors to careers and long-term economic independence.

Studies have shown that the single most predictive factor in future prosperity is getting a first degree.

Yet the very people who most need that power of education to break free of the cycle of poverty are those who don’t have the financial means to go on to higher education.

That’s where UJIA’s bursaries are so important.

Administered through a variety of programmes, these bursaries are the key to unlocking life chances for hundreds of young people in the Galil each year.

And it doesn’t just transform the lives of those individuals. It helps build Israel’s economic future, and strengthens its social cohesion.

Support UJIA’s Opening Doors campaign. And change futures.