UJIA is dedicated to ensuring that young Jewish people in the UK forge a personal relationship with Israel, so that they have a strong sense of belonging to the Jewish people. This is our mission and vision.

Our primary audience is young Jewish people aged 14-24; teenagers and young adults. Research shows us that this is when young people begin to form their own political and moral identities, and where older peer role models (madrichim) are crucially important in shaping those identities.

Therefore UJIA’s strategic focus is on the informal education sector and meaningful experiences in Israel; this is where madrichim and peer leadership play a key role.

Our Impact Model shows how our activities drive our outcomes, impact and ultimately lead to our vision.

UJIA is a learning organisation committed to evidence-based decision-making. We use our Impact Model to inform our work in three areas:

> Designing impactful programmes
> Carrying out research that tests our beliefs and helps us understand our impact
> Continuously improving our programmes based on evidence and insight

We conduct rigorous monitoring and evaluation of our programmes and those of our partners in the UK and Israel, in order to maximise our impact. We are proud to be the first major Jewish organisation in the UK to implement impact evaluation across all that we do, and we regularly provide training and support to our partners to help them to develop capacity in this area.

Our Impact
Our Impact

Reporting and Research

UJIA regularly produces reports on our programmes and projects, and every year we showcase our impact in our Annual Report.

Our recent Annual Reports: