Let's make something fun for the summer

Israel has very distinctive seasons: there’s a wet season, throughout the winter, and a dry season, in the summer. It almost never rains during the dry season, and when the first rain falls in autumn, it’s a big deal! People come out and dance in the street, celebrating the return of the rain and all the goodness that it brings.

Even though the rainy season can be cold, and storms can be scary, the rain does so much good! It makes the hills vibrant and green and fills the rivers with refreshing water.

This tie-dye activity uses water to make something beautiful, just like how the rain makes Israel beautiful! You can use the fabric to make a bandana, to protect yourself from the sun during the hot, hot summer.  We’re suggesting you make one in the colours of the Israeli flag, blue and white, כָּחֹל ולָבָן, kahol v’lavan but other colours could be used.


White handkerchief or other white fabric (try to ensure it will fit around your head and tie with a knot at the back)
Blue permanent marker
Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol or hand gel


1. Start with a white square of fabric (you can get pre-made white bandanas, or use white cloth napkins, large handkerchiefs, or even old sheets cut into squares).

2. Using a blue permanent marker (and with the help of a grown up, draw a pattern onto the white fabric. Make sure to put newspaper underneath so the marker doesn’t go through onto your table.

3. Use a dropper, or even your fingers (with gloves on) to drop the rubbing alcohol or hand gel onto the fabric. The alcohol will mix with the alcohol in the marker to soften the pattern, making it look like tie-dye.

4. Let it dry, then wash with warm water and dry again. Then tie it over your head to keep off those sun rays when you head out this Yom Ha’atzmaut!

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