UJIA in Leeds is proud to work closely with our partners, The Zone Youth Centre, Makor Jewish Culture, The Henry Cohen Campus and The LJRC, helping to provide informal Israel education to connect our community to Israel. 

Alongside this, UJIA support the community Shlichut programme providing an Israeli emissary to serve our community’s needs. We are delighted to have Carine Levi in this role for 2020/21. This is also complemented by the Shinshin programme with two Israeli gap year students engaging with our youth through working at both Brodetsky and The Zone. 

We are proud to facilitate the UJIA JAMS programme (Jewish Activities in Mainstream Schools), to provide a variety of weekly assemblies and classroom sessions about Jewish life and Israelrelated topics, and to build on our relationships with the Jewish Heads of Faith at each school.   

Engaging with our youth is key and our Israel Bar/Bat Mitzvah monthly programme connects Bnei Mitzvah-age young people with Ethiopian communities in Israel and gives them the opportunity to learn about their culture, history and heritage. We are supportive of all the youth movements who operate in Leeds and in 2018 launched the Countdown to Tour programme in preparation for teens taking part in the summer UJIA Israel Experience tours. UJIA are committed to providing bursaries to those families in our community that may require financial assistance, making sure that no child misses out on this incredible rite of passage. We are also proud to support those that wish to take part in further Israel activities such as Masa and Birthright Israel.

Through our support and programming in the Leeds Jewish Community, UJIA’s vision and mission of creating a strong British Jewry with a lifelong commitment to Israel and to develop informed confident Jews who are inspired by Israel, remains relevant. 

For more information, please contact Alexa Harris, North East Regional Manager (alexa.harris@ujia.org), or our Community Shlicha Carine Levi (Shlicha.leeds@ujia.org).

Our Programmes in Leeds