Israel Tour

On their youth movement Israel Tour, participants experience more in one month than they ever thought possible.

Israel Tour

On their youth movement Israel Tour, participants experience more in one month than they ever thought possible.


Watch ‘Journeys Beginning’ (link above) and see how Israel Tour gives 1,200 Jewish 16 year-olds an inspiring and memorable experience every year.

If you take this journey, you will travel the length and breadth of Israel, visiting an array of sites and learning about the story – past and present – of the Jewish homeland. From reflections in the Old City of Jerusalem to the rush of Tel Aviv, the spirituality of the Negev desert to the beauty of the Kinneret, this programme connects young people with each other and with Israel. If you are completing Year 11/S4 in summer 2019, you are eligible.

For more information about Israel Tour, please contact UJIA:


T 0207 424 6400

Applications open Monday 26 November 2018. Visit your Youth Movement or Organisation’s website to apply.

Financial Assistance 

We are committed to financial inclusion. Families unable to meet the full programme cost can apply for a means-tested bursary. Contact your Youth Movement or Organisation confidentially for full details. Bursary application deadline: Friday 8 February 2019 (Dates my vary depending on your Youth Movement or Organisation, so please check with them directly).

The following is a list of Youth Movements and Organisations who offer Israel Tours supported by UJIA Israel Experience:

Bnei Akiva inspires and empowers young Jews with a sense of commitment to the Jewish people, the land of Israel and the Torah. We are an Orthodox and inclusive Youth Movement, so while we have high religious standards, we welcome everyone. With years of experience running Israel Machane, you can trust us to provide balanced programmes deeply rooted in the values of Eretz Yisrael, Am Yisrael and Torat Yisrael. Chanichim will have the opportunity to spend three days immersing themselves in a specific aspect of Bnei Akiva’s ideology, by choosing one of three tracks – Am, Torah or Eretz. Our tracks allow you to see first-hand the diversity of Israeli society and culture, learn about the archaeological and biblical history of Israel and how Judaism is confronting the issues of modernity, or explore the geography and ecology of the land.

BBYO Israel Tour is an international experience in Israel. We offer three elective tracks, where you will travel with Jewish teens from around the world for part of the trip. BBYO Tour embraces and celebrates every aspect of Israeli life, encouraging participants to engage on a broad spectrum of topics. You will meet with Israeli Arab teens, Jewish families living on the Gaza border, and enjoy an Ethiopian culinary workshop. Our Tour also features adventure travel, including sandboarding on desert dunes and Banana Boating, as well as 3 and 4 star accommodations and laundry service. BBYO Tour embodies the true diversity of Jewish life with participants from all denominations. It reflects the values of global Jewish peoplehood, while investing in the UK and Irish community. BBYO truly is a Tour for every Jewish teen.

Ezra Tour 2019 is an incredible experience with your friends and a ruach unchallenged by any other Summer Tour. Travel through the past on this wonderful journey where you will discover things you never knew about the history, heritage and uniqueness of the Jewish people. Feel the rush of the waterfalls in the Galil and snorkel in Eilat. Float in the Dead Sea, climb Masada and abseil down the awesome Ramon crater. Sleep under the stars during an exhilarating desert night hike. Get to know the land of our forefathers and mothers by visiting sites mentioned in the Tanach. Take in the breath-taking sites, the delicious flavours and the special atmosphere of shabbat in the Holy city of Jerusalem.

FZY is a pluralist Youth Movement. That means we respect and celebrate people with diverse beliefs and values, engaging with a range of political viewpoints. We won’t tell you what to believe, instead we’ll introduce a wide range of voices, giving you the best opportunity to draw your own conclusions. For us, learning is about embracing ideas, not rejecting them. FZY Israel Tour is unique because of its pluralist framework, but also because of its content. Some highlights include the FZY Maccabiah Games, Hiking the Desert at Night and meaningful volunteering opportunities with young Israeli children from less privileged backgrounds or working alongside the wonderful charity Save a Child’s Heart.

Habonim Dror is a culturally Jewish, Socialist Zionist Youth Movement. On Tour we split up into kvutsot (groups) and live three and a half weeks of the summer on kuppah (group money). The kvutsah and kuppah make the dynamic of Habo Tour what it is. We learn to respect each other, trust each other and open up to each other. We are a little family that understand we have a limited time together in Israel but know that we’re going to be there for each other once it’s all over. Last year we had chanichim from Manchester, London, Glasgow, Cambridge, Leeds and Liverpool, which means that Habo tour really is the best place to make friends with new people from all over the country!

JLGB Israel Tour is the adventure of a lifetime, taking you from a land of history and memory to a place that inspires ideas and innovation. On JLGB Israel Tour, you will experience floating in the Dead Sea, abseiling down the Ramon Crater and rafting down the River Jordan, as well as forming a unique family bond with the people around you, ensuring incredible friendships. You will learn how Israel leads the way in technological innovation on visits to top companies such as Google, and discover the great leaders of modern and biblical Israel while become the leader you hope to be.

Klal Chazon is an organisation that provides educational experiences for Charedi teenagers to strengthen their identity and commitment to Jewish life and the Jewish People. Our Ashreinu Israel Summer Tour for girls is an experience full of fun and surprises, providing the perfect combination of incredible outdoor activities, inspirational shiurim and exciting volunteering opportunities.

LJY-Netzer is the Liberal Jewish Youth movement, built on the ideals of Liberal Judaism, Reform Zionism, Tikkun Olam, and Youth Empowerment. We believe that our Judaism can be progressive, ideological, and inclusive; and our Israel Tour reflects this. On our Israel Tour, we balance a fun experience of activities and adventures with an intellectually rigorous trip, meeting with Israeli groups that work towards social justice, progressive politics, and human rights for all.

Noam is the Zionist Youth Movement for Masorti Judaism, home to a welcoming and dynamic community that has been empowering young people to learn and lead for thirty years. Our ideologies of traditional and egalitarian Judaism, Zionism and Gemilut Chasadim (acts of loving kindness) are central to the community we create. Noam Israel Tour: Chalutzim is our new and exciting programme for Tour. You will hike through the beautiful scenery of the South, experience the bustling melting pot of the Centre, and work alongside a community in the North on an exciting volunteering project, before finishing in Jerusalem, exploring the religions of Israel. Noam Israel Tour is an unmissable opportunity that will leave you with memories and friends which will last a lifetime.

RSY-Netzer is an inclusive Youth Movement that takes a fun, modern approach to Judaism and informal education in a safe, supportive environment. Israel Tour is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be inspired and empowered through exploring Israel’s diverse society, hiking through beautiful scenery and engaging in creative prayer. Through this journey you will learn how to live out our key values of Reform Judaism, Reform Zionism, Tikkun Olam (social action) and Livluv (personal development). If you haven’t yet been on an RSY-Netzer event, Israel Tour is a great way to get involved, whilst experiencing the unforgettable!

Sinai Youth are a Religious Zionist Youth Movement working in a Modern Orthodox framework. Sinai Youth’s Israel Tour provides a platform to inspire and empower the next generation of Jews and helps to prepare them in the best way possible to engage with the world in a constructive manner.

Tribe Israel Tour offers an incredible three and a half week opportunity to explore the very best of Israel, whilst travelling the length and breadth of the country with friends old and new. As well as sunset camel trekking, rafting, night cruises along the Sea of Galilee and water hikes, you will join with American teenagers from our partners in the USA, NCSY, for parts of your Israel adventure! Tribe Israel Tour strengthens participants’ connection to the Land of Israel, and allows them to explore and discover what being Jewish means to them. The Tour strikes the right balance of fun and entertainment, education and volunteering to ensure that participants experience the real Israel.

We hope to see you on Israel Tour 2019!




"Over 1,200 young people go on Israel Tour every year because it is such an inspiring and memorable experience."

In Numbers

*Some figures are approximations based on research

In Numbers

*Some figures are approximations based on research