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New Israel Projects

New Israel Projects

Continuing to support the Galil

We are proud to be supporting an array of new projects this year, all of which benefit the people of the Galil. In one of the most disadvantaged parts of Israel, we’re providing funding to organisations working on the ground for positive change.


Carmiel Children’s Village
Together with other partners, we are funding the upgrading of this children’s village for 4-18 year-olds who are unable to live with their families. The work will include major improvements to the dormitories and other infrastructure, plus help with their programming, benefiting over 230 children.

Yeshivat Netiv Tefachot – Student dormitories
Following the dedication of the UJIA-funded Beit Midrash at this growing community in June 2015, UJIA will next be helping to fund new student dormitories for at-risk youth on development programmes at this growing community.

Zefat Academic College – New School of Nursing
We have already helped create Israel’s 5th medical school in Tsfat and now we will be making a major donation towards the building of a new school of nursing. This will strengthen Tsfat’s position as a leading provider of medical education and contribute to the improvement of healthcare in this region.


Centre for Population Health
Since leading the creation of the Bar Ilan Faculty of Medicine in Tsfat, UJIA will now be providing seed funding for research and grass roots public health projects in deprived communities.

Integration of Arab Teachers in Jewish Schools
With partners, we are helping address the shortage of teachers in Jewish-Israeli schools by matching them with qualified Arab teachers. This is helping to tackle high unemployment within the Arab community, as well as encouraging meaningful encounters between Jews and Arabs.

This programme will offer study and vocational training scholarships, as well as one-to-one help finding employment for Charedi residents of Tsfat, Hatzor and Tiberias. With over 70 per cent of this sector of Israeli society living in poverty, we aim to help promote learning and as a way towards self-sufficiency.

Atidim – Cadets for Municipal Service
UJIA supports this programme, in which local graduates complete a two year programme at Haifa University, training them to improve social services and the quality of life for vulnerable people in the Galil. Young people are the Galil’s most precious asset and we believe that by giving them the tools to lead, we can achieve long term positive change.

We will be working with partners to twin NGOs, including UJIA projects in the north, to collaborate on new initiatives to benefit the local and wider community. This will increase the impact of the work we are already doing and strengthen the values of citizenship, diversity and fairness.

Western Galilee College
After providing a state of the art faculty building, completed in November 2014, we continue our support for this pioneering College. UJIA is helping to fund supervised, practical work experience for students with local employers, boosting skills and opportunity in this region. The new High Schools’ Business Programme allows students in high schools across the Galil to learn about and compete in the fields of management, economics and entrepreneurship, in partnership with Western Galilee College.

"Young people are the Galil’s most precious asset – by giving them the tools to lead, we can achieve long term positive change."

In Numbers

*Some figures are approximations based on research

In Numbers

*Some figures are approximations based on research