UJIA Israel Fast Track

A flagship new initiative for Sixth Formers

UJIA Israel Fast Track

A flagship new initiative for Sixth Formers

Stand out from the crowd

UJIA Israel Fast Track is a brand new programme starting in September 2016 that will help Sixth Formers who want to stand out from the crowd, both in the Jewish community, in their university applications and their future career.

Just 15-20 applicants will be selected to participate in a course that will look in-depth at Israel today and help develop expertise to become an informed leader.

Key marketable skills that will be nurtured are:

– Communication, Debating & Presentation
– Analysis and Research
– Leadership, with an emphasis on Peer Leadership
– Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
– Understanding Multiple Narratives

You will also have access to Israeli politicians, journalists and other influencers on the Israel seminar, and benefit from top speakers and educators in the UK sessions.

We would expect participants to be able to attend all or almost all of the programme:

Sunday sessions – about half a dozen over the year, these will be half-day sessions. These will each explore one particular aspect of Israel in depth, for instance Israel within British political life or the peace process. We will bring in the very best experts and educators. The first Sunday session, which will be a full day and act as an Orientation, will be on Sunday 25 September

Two residential weekends, here in the UK. One at the start and one near the end of the programme. These will be where we form you as a group, begin to explore some of the big issues Israel faces and, at the second residential, learn about how Israel plays out on university campuses. The first weekend will be on 28-30 October. We will start before Shabbat comes in and the weekend will be Shabbat-compliant

Israel seminar – this will be a trip to Israel during the February half-term. This is not a tour of the country. This is an intensive experience, where you’ll meet with Israeli politicians, journalists, activists and thinkers, all of whom will challenge you to think in new ways, and push you to understand Israel’s unique challenges and opportunities. The days will be full but we guarantee you will come away better informed and excited to debate and discuss the many questions you will have about Israel. It’ll be a trip you’ll be raving about for a long time

Is this for me?

If you are someone who wants to explore, in a serious, high-quality, in-depth way, the big questions surrounding Israel today, and you want to use this expertise to become an informed leader of your peers, then yes, this is for you.

You’ll finish the programme more knowledgeable about Israel, more reflective about its options, and more able to articulate how you feel about its issues. That’s guaranteed.

We are actively seeking a diverse group for this programme. We want people from across the religious and political spectrum, and who have a range of views about Israel. As long as you are supportive of the existence of Israel as a Jewish state (broadly defined), and are willing to hear and engage with a spectrum of opinions, we want you to apply.

What do I need to do to apply?

Applications have now closed for the 2016/17 cohort. Information on how to apply for the 2017/18 cohort will be released in due course.

How much does it cost?

Here’s the great thing – it will only cost you £250, plus the cost of your flights to Israel.  The programme is very heavily subsidised – another reason why we have to be selective.  However, if your family’s financial circumstances are such that this cost would place the programme out of reach, we have financial assistance available. Please tick the relevant box on the application form.

I’ve got questions before I apply

Drop the Programme Director, Robin Moss, an email at robin.moss@ujia.org

Key Dates

Wednesday 31 August:                 Deadline for applications
Monday 5 September:                  Confirmation of acceptance onto programme
Sunday 25 September:                 Orientation Day
Friday-Sunday 28-30 October:      First Residential Weekend
Sunday 20 November:                  Sunday Session

(There will be further Sunday Sessions in December, January and March)

February Half-Term (exact dates TBC):     Israel Seminar
April (exact dates TBC):                           Second Residential Weekend
June/July (exact date TBC):                     Closing Sunday session

You can stand out through this prestigious course.

In Numbers

*Some figures are approximations based on research

In Numbers

*Some figures are approximations based on research