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See how we are transforming tens of thousand of young
lives in Israel


See how we are transforming tens of thousand of young
lives in Israel


From the outside, Israel seems an extraordinary success story when it comes to academic achievements, particularly in the sciences.

Indeed, in the last 10 years, Israel has three times as many Nobel Prizes per capita in the sciences as any other country on earth.

Yet this is the same country that comes 24th in a league table measuring the national average in exams for maths, science and reading in 25 developed countries (the OECD members). The figures for Israel’s poorest region, the Galil, are even worse.

We at UJIA have focused our work on the Galil for the last 15 years. If we are to bring opportunity to the region, if we are to challenge the levels of deprivation, we believe that everything starts with education. We work with partners in the Israeli Government, and other Diaspora communities, so that every pound works at its hardest and our projects have the biggest impact they can.

Tens of thousands of lives have been transformed by these initiatives. These young people are productive, successful and contributing not only to their own well-being, but to the economic development of the Galil and Israel’s economy.

We are living at a very special moment in Jewish history. We have the privilege of helping to support the people of Israel.

We can be passive participants in the Jewish story, or we can make a difference – we can make our mark. 

Israel Projects

The Equalizer Programme is building a better society in a diverse part of Israel through education and football
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How a rebuilt school can be the catalyst that revives Israel’s northern-most town.
The extraordinary, transformative sanctuary for some of Israel’s most troubled young people.
How a concerted, integrated educational strategy is transforming life-chances across a region.
Reaching out to young adults from poor urban neighbourhoods and development towns.
A unique school embracing Shlomi’s religious and non-religious pupils.
Boosting student participation and attainment in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
Educating and inspiring deprived children in the Galil.
A centre of excellence for biotechnology, social and computer sciences, as well as the largest employer in the Upper Galil
Opening up opportunity and transforming the healthcare provision for a whole region.
Integrating Israeli Arabs into Israel’s high tech industry
One of the most diverse student populations in any Israeli college is leading a sociological revolution.
Empowering disadvantaged children.
Communities across the UK welcome over 50 Israeli teenagers from the north of Israel.
This programme has a profound impact on Jewish children in Israel and the UK.
Providing a home to 4-18 year-olds who are unable to live with their families
Practical solutions to charedi underemployment
Training talented young Israelis to lead in the Galil


This map shows the spread of our projects across the Galil.
Click on a map pin to see a summary of the project.

Tel-Hai College has established itself as a centre of excellence for biotechnology, social sciences and computer sciences, as well as being the largest employer in the Upper Galil. UJIA supports access by providing scholarships.

Darca Danciger High School was established 60 years ago and is a six-year high school. The campus, facilities and equipment have not been maintained or developed for many years, resulting in a neglected campus which is failing to keep pace with educational needs and technological advances. UJIA is helping to fund a comprehensive renovation.

Until relatively recently, the development
town of Shlomi in the northern Galil,
was without a high school. UJIA led a partnership to build this excellent and much-needed school.

Children growing up in Merom HaGalil do not have the kind of opportunities that other children take for granted. School grades have been two years behind the typical Israeli child.
UJIA’s substantial and long-standing support for a number of schools is transforming their prospects.

The new Faculty of Medicine in Tsfat, in which UJIA is a key partner, encourages talented students and professionals to make their home in the Galil; the result is vastly developed medical care for the Galil’s citizens.

Kishorit is a unique community for adults with a variety of special needs, including mental health problems and physical and learning disabilities. UJIA has supported Kishorit to develop increased work opportunities for residents, by funding a new vineyard and a boutique kosher winery.

Western Galilee College is the most diverse college in Israel, opening up opportunity to students of all backgrounds. UJIA recently funded the creation of a new School of Management faculty building and continues to support scholarships.

Netiv Tefachot is a Hesder Yeshiva which reaches out to young adults who come from poor urban neighbourhoods and development towns. UJIA recently funded a new Beit Midrash building as a hub for this community and offers a number of scholarships.

Kibbutz Eshbal is the extraordinary, transformative sanctuary for some of Israel’s most troubled young people. It helps at-risk youth become people who feel loved, believe in themselves and are ready to make a positive contribution to Israeli society.

UJIA supports Tsofen, which works to integrate Israeli Arabs into Israel’s high tech industry. This brings crucial new business to the Galil and helps bridge socio-economic gaps between Arabs and Jews in the region.



UJIA Ethiopian Bar/Batmitzvah Programme

Now in its 10th year, this exciting programme works with up to forty Ethiopian new immigrants of Bar and Bat Mitzvah age, living in Kiriyat Bialik, near Haifa, and twins them with children from the UK Jewish community.

EBBM – Ethiopian Bar/Batmitzvah programme

In Numbers

*Some figures are approximations based on research

In Numbers

*Some figures are approximations based on research