Evaluating our impact...

Why do we do research and evaluation?
– To learn more
– To measure outcomes and impact
– To ensure quality
– To be transparent and accountable
– To be able to develop our programmes
Highlights in the Research and Evaluation
What is the outcome of Israel Experience on a young person’s Jewish Identity and Relationship with Israel?

1,000 young people responded to a survey to explore how Israel Tour plays a part in the development of young Jewish people. The results, published in June 2013, show that the vast majority of participants have a wonderful experience. The outcomes of the programme relate to both intellectual and emotional factors – knowledge and understanding of the country; friendships formed and developed. Israel Tour relies on the youth movements and in turn, the youth movements rely on the participants to become further involved as a result of Tour. Most importantly, the programme is the springboard for many to develop a strong, warm, abiding relationship with the people of Israel. It is also, for many, an influence on that young person’s Jewish journey.

Commission on Provision for Young People in the Jewish Community (with the Jewish Leadership Council)

How can the UK Jewish community best use its resources to engage Jewish young people in a Jewish journey?
This is the issue at the heart of this Commission, set up in April 2013 as a partnership between the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) and UJIA. In order to answer this question, we undertook to:
– Map the current informal provision for young people in the UK
– Identify and reflect on existing strategy, policy and provision
– Assess how that provision has changed in the past generation
The full report was published in 2014 and its recommendations are actively being implemented.

Jewish Lives Project

For the first time in the history of Jewish schooling in the UK, we are following the Jewish lives of every child to enter one of seven Jewish secondary schools. More than 1000 families – whose children entered year seven in 2011 – are participating in this study which aims to explore the changing Jewish lives of these families over at least the seven years their children spend in secondary school, and possibly beyond. This unprecedented project, funded by Pears Foundation, has just completed its first year of data collection and analysis.
This first cycle of data collection has established a strong baseline of information about the Jewish backgrounds and expectations of the families in the study. It has also provided a great deal of information related to parents’ motivations for choosing schools, as their children transfer from Primary to Secondary school.

For more information about any of our research please contact Dr. Helena Miller:
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