Sedot Negev Resilience Centre Visit

February 4, 2020 | Uncategorized

By Ronit Davis

In 2014, following Operation Protective Edge, UJIA led a fundraiser to support the communities impacted by the ongoing conflict with Gaza.

A portion of these funds were ultimately donated to one of the resilience centres that operate on the border of Gaza. These resilience centres work with the communities to help them deal with the trauma and challenges of living in conflict.

We support the Sedot Negev Resilience Centre but there are resilience centres across Israel that deal with trauma and PTSD. A portion of these funds were ultimately allocated to the therapy programming run in nurseries.

These resilience centres work with the entire families and communities to provide support as needed. The work with children is innovative and desperately lacking funding.

Last week, we visited one of the nurseries that adopted one of 3 therapeutic programmes we support in Israel. We watched how they educated young children about the sirens through books and games, and we had the privilege of meeting the team of social workers, therapists, management and security.

Finally, they took us on a tour of the border to highlight their proximity to Gaza and the Iron Dome.