Applications are now closed.

Summer 2020 is going to be unlike any other in living memory. The impact of COVID-19 means that many of the traditional pillars of Jewish and Israel engagement programming are impossible or unlikely to be able to take place. These include international travel experiences, residential camps and possibly in-person day camp activities too. And even if it does turn out to be possible for some of these kinds of activities to take place, they will need to be planned and delivered in very different ways than previous years.

UJIA is committed to supporting the Jewish informal education and Israel engagement field at this challenging time. We want to, as far as we are able, support innovative informal educational activities in the time of COVID-19. We want you to ensure that there are creative, exciting, engaging things for young people and families to do this summer that connect them to their Jewish identity and to Israel.

Therefore, we are launching the UJIA Summer Engagement Fund (UJIA SEF). We have committed £100,000 to the fund. It will provide grants of up to £10,000 per project.

Who can apply?

We want to encourage applications from as wide a range of organisations as possible. Any organisation can apply as long as:

  • You serve primarily or exclusively the Jewish community
  • You have some kind of legal structure (charity, company limited by guarantee etc)
  • You are a not-for-profit entity

Partnerships of organisations working together can also apply.

Each organisation can make one individual application and be a part of one partnership-of-organisations application.

What are the criteria for activities that you will fund?

We have three key audiences for the activities that we will fund:

  • Activities aimed at 16 year olds who would have gone on Israel Tour/Israel Machane
  • Activities aimed at other school-aged young people
  • Intergenerational activities – either (or both) parents and children or grandparents and grandchildren doing something meaningful together

UJIA aims to engage British Jews, and as such the Summer Engagement Fund will only consider applications where the participants will be British Jews. The activities can engage other Jews around the world too, but British Jews should be the main focus.

All activities proposed must:
  • Take place between 1 July and 1 September (if the activity starts earlier than 1 July, or has some kind of graduation/final part after 1 September, we may consider it, but the bulk of the activity should take place over the summer)
  • Contain a substantive element of Israel Engagement, broadly construed. The activity itself does not need to be solely or even primarily about Israel, but it must include Israel Engagement as one of its elements
  • Have a clear marketing/recruitment plan
  • Have a clear plan for how outcomes will be measured (impact evaluation)
  • Ensure that safeguarding is a priority if young people or vulnerable adults are involved
  • Be capable of operating under a range of plausible official social distancing regulations

We will also look favourably upon activities that:

  • Include an element of mifgash (joint activity with Israeli peers, and possibly also other Jewish peers from around the world)
  • Are creative with the use of online/digital technology or explicitly provide time and space away from screens
UJIA will not fund:
  • Israel advocacy activities
  • Any activity that involves mass-gatherings of over 50 people in any circumstance, regardless of the official public health advice

If you already receive a grant of over £10,000 a year from UJIA, you may allocate a maximum of 10% of the budget to general organisational overheads (which cannot include salaries of permanent staff) – ie at least 90% of the budget needs to be on direct activity costs (which can include activity-specific staff).

If you do not currently receive a grant from UJIA, or you receive a grant of less than £10,000 a year, you may allocate a maximum of 10% of the budget to general organisational overheads, which may include permanent staffing, and in addition, you may include as a direct activity cost the relevant proportion of a permanent staff member’s salary.

How do we apply?

Firstly, you need to fill in the simple “initial application form” (below). The closing date for this is Wednesday 10 June but we would strongly encourage you to apply sooner. If you are making a joint application with other organisations, please only submit one form.

Once you have applied, one of UJIA’s educators will make contact with you to discuss and help you develop the idea further. UJIA has decades of expertise and experience and we are here to help and support so we hope this is a useful process. If you need additional support in areas such as marketing/communications, impact evaluation, best practice for mifgash programming etc, we would be happy to offer that too.

After you have engaged with our educators, we will give you access to the longer “full application form”. You need to fill in this form, which contains more questions that will have been explored in your meeting with the UJIA educator. At this stage we will also require a project budget and, if you have them, an organisational budget and the latest set of accounts. The closing date for filling in the full application form is 1pm on Friday 19 June.

UJIA will make funding decisions immediately after and you should hear by Friday 26 June at the latest if you have been successful.

If we are successful, how do we claim the money?

You will receive a UJIA grant commitment letter that you will need to sign and return. For this grant fund, UJIA will pay against actuals; in other words, you will be required, after the activity has taken place, to submit: 1) a simple narrative report reflecting on the project and its delivery, including predicted and actual number of participants and any other relevant data; 2) an updated budget with actual spend against each line; 3) a drawdown request for your actual spend. We may also require proof of expenditure. Assuming the paperwork is in order, UJIA will then make payment.

Will UJIA have any other requirements?

We want to be able to celebrate the amazing activities that you will be running this summer. Therefore, we will ask for materials (photos, videos, testimonials etc) that we would have permission to use for our future marketing and communication needs. We will also require you to share with us the results of impact evaluation you conduct on the activity.

If I have questions, who should I contact?

Please contact Robin Moss (