Going to university is a formative experience for many young British Jews, and in addition to the academic work and the social experience, it is a time for personal growth and identity development. 

UJIA’s vision is for every Jewish student to feel comfortable as a Jew on campus and to have access to a multiplicity of ways to engage with and connect to Israel. That’s why UJIA is one of the core funders and supporters of UJS (the Union of Jewish Students), the largest Jewish campus organisation in the UK and the central address for any Jewish student looking to engage in Jewish life at university. 

UJS represents 8,500 Jewish students at British and Irish universities, who are organised in over 65 Jewish societies (“J-Socs”). Some may have a dozen members, others hundreds; some may run one activity a week, others might have something on every day. All are inclusive, student-led spaces where Jewish community is created and sustained. 

In addition to the religious, cultural and social aspects of Jewish life on campus, UJIA is particularly supportive of UJS’ work to engage students with Israel. Through a wide range of programmes, initiatives, sessions and opportunities, UJS Israel Engagement is diverse, with something for everyone. UJIA’s funding and educational expertise has helped UJS build up a programme that annually engages thousands of students.

UJIA is also proud to support the Jewish Agency’s campus shlichim (Israel Fellows) – you can learn more here and meet one of this year’s Israel Fellows, Carine Levy, here.

Supporting UJS and Jewish Students
Supporting UJS and Jewish Students

Jewish students are welcome to apply to three of our flagship Israel Experience programmes: 

Birthright – a free, ten-day trip to Israel to explore and discover the country and its people.
Onward Israel – spend a summer interning in Israel, living, working and hang out in Tel Aviv with a bunch of other British interns.
Masa – your gateway to hundreds of programmes in Israel, many perfect for when you finish university. Study, internships, volunteering, teaching and more – you’ll be amazed at the options.

For more information on this programme please contact Eli Gaventa, Head of Youth and Students at eli.gaventa@ujia.org .