The aim of the campaign is to send 10,000 Jewish teenagers and young adults on an organised educational trip to Israel by 2024. Israel Tour is back in the summer of 2022 (for the first time since 2019) for all 16-year-olds AS WELL AS 17-year-olds who missed out last year too. Together with the relaunch of Israel Tour, UJIA is investing heavily in an enhanced bursary scheme for those taking part in Israel programmes. The last time Israel Tour took place, in 2019, more than one in six participants benefited from a UJIA bursary. Demand this year is high and UJIA aims to raise over £1m by 2024 for this purpose.

At a time when the cost of living is increasing and family finances are stretched, the need to support the bursary fund for the summer of 2022 is urgent.


The Journey Home Fundraising Campaign
The Journey Home Fundraising Campaign


Yes. We appreciate that there have been a lot but this is the first time UJIA has held one. For much of the pandemic, UJIA held back from mass fundraising to allow the incredible front line welfare services in our community to take centre stage. Now, as the impact of two years with very few organised trips to Israel hits home, it is our turn. Match funding campaigns represent a cost-effective way of reaching beyond the traditional UJIA database. With every donation we receive doubled by a group of generous matchers, it really is a great way to make a big difference. To do this – and do it well – we need your support.


Team Captains are the engine of any crowd-funding campaign. By opening up your address books, you can ensure that your ask reaches as many people as possible. It might sound like a big responsibility but it is, in fact very little.

1) UJIA will provide you with content to share on email, WhatsApp and social media in the run-up to the campaign. You can share as much or as little as you want.

2) On 1st-2nd May, write a message to your friends, family, colleagues and in fact anyone who you think would want to support a bursary fund for teenagers and young adults who otherwise would not have the opportunity to go on Israel Tour. If you want to, you can give those who have not given yet a nudge!

3) You will have your own personalised fundraising page with a unique link to share. You will be notified each time a donation is made.

If you would like to be a Team Captain – or have any further questions – please email Alexa Harris at alexa.harris@ujia.org or call 07392 197721.