UJIA is committed to helping communities connect their members,both young and old, to Israel. We partner with communities across the UK and Ireland. 

Culture, Speakers and Educators

We regularly bring top-level speakers and cultural events from Israel to the UK for events in synagogues, schools and other communal spaces. Whether it is theatre or cinema, history, literature or sport, UJIA hosts the very best that Israel has to offer.  

In addition we can arrange for one of our own UJIA educators to visit you to deliver one of their dozens of unique sessions that have inspired audiences all over the country. We also partner with the Jewish Agency for Israel and their shlichim, who can bring a wide variety of exciting programmes to your community. 

Youth Engagement

UJIA believes that the lifelong connection to Israel begins at an early age. Therefore we are passionate about helping synagogues and communal bodies engage their young people with Israel in a whole host of ways. 

We offer educational specific or holistic consultancy for chederim and adult education to help communities build up their offering, including help designing ‘lifelong’ curricula. 

Furthermore, many resources are available here.

UJIA in Your Community
UJIA in Your Community

Israel Experience

UJIA supports Israel Experience partner programmes which include Israel Tour, Onward Israel, Birthright and Masa. You can find more information here.

We can work in partnership with you to open up hundreds of different Israel-based opportunities for your young people. Whether it is teenagers and students taking their first Israel steps on Israel Tour or Birthright, or your graduates taking internships and beginning their careers with Masa we make Israel accessible for all.  

Giving to Israel

As you can read here UJIA works with some of the most deprived, underserved communities in Israel, and we can demonstrate life-changing impact [link to Impact page] on the ground. 

Partnering with a project in Israel is a meaningful way for you and your community to give tzedakah. We can work with you to identify people in Israel who need your support, with whom you can build a long-term, meaningful relationship. 

If you are interested in any of the above, or you have other questions, call Jonathan on 020 7424 6447 or email jonathan.roland@ujia.org