UJIA Israel Fast Track Fellowship is a programme like no other. Over several months you will go deeper into your understanding of Israel than ever before. It will help you stand out from the crowd, both in the Jewish community, in your university applications and your future career. 


Now in its 5th year we thrilled that in 2021 we’ve partnered with the IMPACT Israel Fellowship to deliver a multidimensional online learning and leadership experience. You’ll join with a small of group of peers from across the UK to engage with multiple perspectives on Israel and delve into challenging questions of identity and leadership. Over the course of 18 sessions you will be empowered to be leaders in the Israel conversation in the community, online and on campus. 

You will also have access to Israeli politicians, activists, journalists and thought leaders. Participants should have a good basic knowledge of Israel before participating in the course. The course will look in-depth at Israel today from politics to history to society to the conflict and develops participants as informed and inspired leaders. 

For more information on this programme please contact Eli Gaventa, Head of Youth and Students at eli.gaventa@ujia.org 

The brochure for the 2021 programme can be found here.


Our vision is rooted in the following four educational goals:

Reimagine Zionism: as a fellow on Israel Fast Track, you will grapple with the meaning of various Zionist ideas and what they mean today. Every fellow will be challenged to develop their own Zionist narrative.
Engage Complexities: wrestling with complexity is integral to any educational process. Learners come to autonomous choices, guided by their own meanings and values.
Unity not Uniformity: we seek to build a “big tent” of leaders. While not uniform in their beliefs, politics or opinions, impact fellows are united in their commitment to Israel as a cornerstone of Jewish life.
Educate to lead: with renewed understandings of how to relate to Israel, Israel Fast Track fellows will be empowered to lead the “Israel conversation” in their communities.

Registration is now closed for this year. More information on next year’s programme will be released in the summer.