UJIA JAMS works with Jewish Societies (“JSocs”) in non-Jewish schools in London, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow, providing an average of 700 sessions per year. 

We aim to enrich pupils’ assemblies and lunchtimes by coordinating and facilitating the delivery of sessions through a network of over 150 different organisations and individuals.

The aim of UJIA JAMS is to empower young people in mainstream schools to organise activities to develop their own Jewish identities and connection to Israel.

UJIA JAMS speakers are committed to supporting all Jewish pupils at these schools, regardless of Jewish denomination or background.

We offer a wide selection of sessions as diverse as celebrating Jewish festivals, Jewish history, religious values, social action, health, wellbeing and preparation for life at university beyond school.

This year we proudly announce that we are partnering with UJS for the support of the J-Soc committees and in light of COVID-19 we will be offering more sessions on-line, until such time as we can be back in schools on a regular basis.

Included in our virtual activities we will be offering pre-recorded sessions with a selection of speakers for schools and J-Soc’s to view at times convenient to their varying timetables.  You may also want to listen to episodes of JAMS Radio, a podcast made by JAMS J-Soc committee members interviewing people of note and interest in the Jewish world.

If you would like more information on UJIA JAMS please contact Eli Gaventa, Head of Youth and Students at eli.gaventa@ujia.org.