UJIA N2S Bike Ride: Meet Chris Ducker

May 18, 2017 | Blog

Like all great decisions, Chris signed up for the N2S bike ride after a night out, and many bottles of wine, with his friend James Doyan (also with us this week.)

Chris, from the Lake District, was looking for a challenge to help him lose a couple pounds and get back into shape. So after hearing about the ride from James, and with the help of liquid courage, he signed right up.

Chris hadn’t been on a bicycle in over 45 years, but following that momentous night in October, he climbed back on and started with a 17 mile ride, building up slowly to 101 miles, which he completed just two weeks before the N2S. Although he says that training for the ride has got him hooked on the sport (and helped him lose a stone), he still prefers to enter a city by boat over bike. An avid sailor, Chris has travelled the world by sea. This is, however, his first trip to Israel, even though it has been on his list for years.

Aside from the sometimes oppressive heat, Chris is very much enjoying his time. Not being Jewish, this has also been quite the cultural experience for Chris, being surrounded by Yiddish slang, a Rabbi and some very Israeli Peloton leaders. He doesn’t mind however, explaining that being exposed to the culture is the best part of travel. Hopefully he will be back to explore Jerusalem and visit Tel Aviv (where he will be sure to find some more wine… and maybe even sign up to next year’s ride?)

This is also Chris’s first time encountering UJIA. After hearing about our work throughout the week, he is very impressed with their approach to long term strategic investments in vital projects throughout Israel and the UK, instead of simply doing quick fixes.

We are so glad that James and Chris went out last October. It has been an absolute pleasure having Chris along for the ride!

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UJIA have organised the North to South bike ride in conjunction with A Smile for Orly Charitable Trust.