UJIA N2S Bike Ride: Meet Sam Harvey

May 17, 2017 | Blog

Meet Sam Harvey from Leeds. Before anything else is said about her, it should be noted that she is an absolute champion.

Sam is the only female rider on the trip among 46 men, and she is slowly but very surely making it up every hill and down every road.

She heard about the bike ride through her shul magazine, and after hearing about the amazing work UJIA does for the community, especially in terms of the Israel education for British youth, she was ready to take on the challenge.

Sam had never cycled before, but leapt right into the task before her. She had a few obstacles along the way with her training, having had her bike stolen, a shoulder injury as a result of a fall, and a bit of misinformation about the type of bicycle needed (Sam is not only the only woman but also the only one on a much heavier mountain bike.)

Sam is also unique in that unlike the majority of the group, she doesn’t ride regularly, nor is she part of a riding club. However she thinks that she was well prepared mentally for the heat, which compensates for her lack of experience.

Despite being the only woman Sam hasn’t felt out of place at all. She has found the group to be a lot of fun, and is enjoying the comradery.

Originally Sam was supposed to be joined by another woman, who unfortunately had to pull out for medical reasons. While the two have never met, they were in constant contact over WhatsApp, with Sam getting lots of advice and support. She is now riding the race for the both of them, and showing the group that women can really do it. Along with over £5000 Sam has raised, she also hopes to inspire more women to take part in challenges such as these.

Sam is truly inspiring, sweating it out during the day, and arriving at dinner perfectly put together – heels and all!

Go Sam, go!

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UJIA have organised the North to South bike ride in conjunction with A Smile for Orly Charitable Trust.