UJIA N2S Bike Ride: Meet the Young Lads from Manchester

May 19, 2017 | Blog

Bringing down the average age of the N2S bike ride by a fair amount are three young Mancunians: Daniel Rodden, Daniel Gottlieb and Harley Pattoff. All are about 27 years old.

Harley and Gottlieb (known as Wendel) now live in London, leaving Daniel Rodden on his own in Manchester with his new wife. Not only is he now taking care of his health and fitness through the UJIA bike ride, but Daniel also met his wife through their involvement in the Habonim Dror youth movement, which is supported by UJIA.

Daniel’s wife is very supportive of his taking part in the challenge, except in the few weeks leading up to it, when his training became ‘a little’ intense. Harley’s girlfriend feels the same, as while he is out riding she gets to watch whatever she pleases, however probably wishes his bike didn’t have to stay in their bedroom with them. Wendel’s current girlfriend is his bicycle, so she is obviously very pleased with his participation.

Rodden and Pattoff are both here with their fathers. For the Pattoff pair, this is something of a dream for the senior of the two. Having lost his father at a young age, he has always wanted an experience such as this with his own son. Harley obliged and as the least enthusiastic rider of the three, got on his bike for this adventure with his father.

Daniel Rodden is on the ride for the second time, having been persuaded by his father five years ago. This time it was the opposite, in an effort to get his dad back on his bicycle, he was the initiator. It wasn’t only his father that he convinced to sign up, but Wendel as well. Although, to be fair, Wendel probably needed the least persuasion of everyone, being as keen a cyclist as he is. Wendel is also somewhat the fashionista of the trip, sporting a new cycle cap every day and some very slick gear (including, of course, our stylish orange shirts.)

The three are very much products of UJIA supported programmes, having been active in their youth movements (Habonim Dror), gone on tour, and two of the three on gap year (one FZY and one Habo.) They see this ride as somewhat a turning point in their relationship with UJIA. Up until now they have very much been beneficiaries, now they too get to become benefactors, giving back to an organization that they all feel has given them so much.