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July 15, 2015 | See UJIA

UJIA Patrons and Benefactors bid farewell to Ambassador Taub

Patrons and Benefactors of UJIA said their farewells to outgoing Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub at the charity’s annual thank you reception to major donors. In an interview by Louise Jacobs, held at St John’s Wood Synagogue, the diplomat answered questions on his life and career as Israel’s envoy to the UK.

On the challenges of his role, he cited being apart from five of his six children, who live in Israel and the difficulty of being in a position where “any single sentence that you say” could form a headline.

Asked about what he is most proud of, Ambassador Taub cited the doubling of UK-Israel bilateral trade and the expansion of co-operation in research and other fields, as well as having the honour of representing Israel “at extraordinary moments” like fixing the mezuzah at the house for Israeli athletes at the Olympic Village.

He described UJIA as “one of the strongest partners” his successor could have and ended his comments with the message that “Israel is a canvas that we are painting together.”

UJIA Chairman Bill Benjamin described Ambassador Taub as “a Jewish hero” in a heartfelt tribute, before presenting him with an antique map of Israel from the early 18th Century.

UJIA Chief Executive Michael Wegier said, “Our Patrons and Benefactors are helping us build schools in Israel in the deprived north, and supporting Jewish life in the UK- this event was about saying a huge thank you for everything that they are doing for all of us.”

Sponsored by Cogress Property Investments. Photography by Raya Cottrell.