UJIA Women’s Lunch 2015 – Gallery

March 10, 2015 | See UJIA

220 guests heard a powerful message of opportunity for all at the annual UJIA Women’s Lunch, held at the Montcalm Suite in Marble Arch. Dr Randa Abbas, who comes from a Druze village in the deprived Galil region of northern Israel, told of how she was the subject of a religious ban by her community for pursuing higher education at the UJIA-supported Western Galilee College in Akko.

The event, which took place the day after International Women’s Day, raised £100,000 for the OPENING DOORS campaign, which was launched in the appeal and aims to raise £250,000 for higher education opportunities in the Galil, UJIA’s partnership region. Committee member Samantha Stone noted in the appeal that, “As Jews, education has always been important to us. And yet, Israel’s educational performance now sits at the bottom of the international tables.”

In a packed programme, guest speakers Lord Daniel Finkelstein and Luciana Berger MP were in conversation and spoke about their Jewish identities and professions, as well as anti-Semitism they have experienced.