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The world today looks very different compared to three months ago. Everywhere, many people have been adjusting to the ‘new normal’. Whilst it is a challenging time, it is also a time with opportunities to gain new experiences and different perspectives. One of the incredible ways to do this is through spending meaningful and productive time in Israel. Masa Israel Journey’s 4-12-month (Study, Gap Year, Career, Teaching, Service) programmes will be running as normal from August.

• Hear presentations from our various programme providers
• Hear how Masa and UJIA will support you to get to Israel during these unprecedented times
• Hear from experts on how your experience on a Masa programme can benefit your future

Schedule for the Gap Year and Study section

10:00am – Mandie Winston (CEO of UJIA) and Ofer Gutman (Acting CEO of Masa) – Why should you go to Israel on a Gap Year now? And how is it going to work.

10:15am – What are the benefits of taking a gap year? – Panel discussion with experts

10:50am – Shnat Netzer

11:10am – Aardvark Israel Programmes

11:30am – Bnei Akiva

11:50am – Habonim Dror

12:10pm – Bina (Social Change)

12:30pm – Israel XP at Bar Ilan

12:50pm – Noam Drachim

1:10pm – Big Idea (Tech Hub)

1:30pm – Kol Ami 

1:50pm – FZY 

2:10pm – Garin Tzabar 

2:30pm – Masa Funding

2:50pm – Hebrew University & Technion

Schedule for Post – University Career Development

3:15pm – Mandie Winston (CEO of UJIA) and Ofer Gutman (Acting CEO of Masa) – Why should you build your personal and professional skills in Israel this year? And how is it going to work.

3:30pm – What is it like to work/intern/teach in Israel? – Panel discussion with alumni

4:00pm – Destination Israel/Top Israel Interns/Career Israel

4:30pm – Eco Israel at Hava and Adam

4:50pm – Maslool Ishi

5:10pm – Kibbutz Ulpan

5:30pm – Masa Remote

5:50pm – Masa Israel Teaching Fellows

6:10pm – Arava Institute for Environmental Studies

6:30pm – MasaTech

6:50pm – Masa Funding