6 months on from the horrific attacks of October 7, the community of Pri Gan, in the Gaza Envelope, is still displaced and in fear. Please help us raise the money to improve the moshav ‘s security and build a playground, to encourage families to return.

Following on from Rabbi Shlomo’s recent appeal in Shul, we are sending you further details about our partnership with Moshav Pri Gan.

Pri Gan was attacked on October 7th – its community fled their homes as soon as they were able to leave their safe rooms, taking only what they could carry. They fled from their homes, their friends, and their community in a daze. The reality of what had happened still like a surreal nightmare. The people of Pri Gan, like so many Israelis are now refugees in their own land.

Many families sought refuge in temporary accommodation in Eilat where they are living and trying to manage the trauma and fear. Most are still too frightened to return. Their life in Pri Gan is damaged but not destroyed.

Our aim is to raise the £80k needed to put in new security systems and playground which will encourage families to return.


They are a small moshav with big dreams.


We at South Hampstead can do more than just give financially. We want to make the Pri Gan community feel supported by building a relationship and encouraging South Hampstead families to visit and volunteer on the farms if they wish. This initiative offers the opportunity to bridge the gap between Israel and the diaspora and gives us all hope that a brighter future is possible. Please support this campaign – any donation would be hugely appreciated.